Our Services


Smart, strategic planning is the key to a successful shoot. It’s a good thing we’re smart.


Drones, high tech tools and cameras only for scouting, familiar with all known and unknown shooting locations around Egypt’s streets.


Essentially, AE offers a fusion of branding and communications with digital marketing and graphic design. Ultimately, we help your company to engage a wider audience through the power of the idea.


AE offers film directors to give direction to the cast and our media crew to creates an overall vision either in video production, TVC or even during any photo shootings.


The images you need shot in a way that makes your audience want. More and more.


The images you need shot in a way that makes your audience want. More and more.


Once it’s in the can, we make the magic happen. Marketing magic, that is.


From stop-action to special effects, we’ve got the goods. And they’re very, very good.

Brand Media Production

Great for business, technology, energy and finance industries – if they’re done right. Ours are.

Corporate Media Production

Capture a corporate conferences, sites and factory production lines, develop corporate training videos, enhance your marketing strategy, or simply promote your business… etc.

Social Events Coverage

AE provides its partners with live coverage services by the tribe’s highly trained team of professionals, in order to provide the optimal social media experience for all types of social events.

TV & Commercial media

Coming up with concepts for commercial video ads and applying your marketing strategy plan.

Our Clients